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Frequent Questions

What does Estec specialize in?

Estec specializes in electronic PCB repair, design, test, and manufacturing. We develop and provide a range of test products and services for industrial, and commercial markets. Our expertise includes electronic PCB testing, troubleshooting, rework, soldering & de-soldering tools, ESD products, spare parts, contract electronic manufacturing, design and re-manufacturing services, and technical consultancy.

Where is Estec located?

Estec's main design and development facility is located in Chennai, India. We also have offices in Dubai, Bahrain and Oman to cater to the needs of customers in those regions.

What industries does Estec serve?

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What types of elevator products does Estec offer?

Estec offers a comprehensive range of elevator products to meet various needs in the industry. Our elevator product offerings include: Multimedia Displays, Car Position Indicators, Voice Annunciators, SIM-Based Emergency Calling Systems, Traveling Cables etc

How can Estec help my business?

Estec can help your business by providing advanced electronic testing solutions and services. Whether you need Electronic PCB Repair, testing, troubleshooting, contract electronic manufacturing, or technical consultancy, we have the expertise and resources to assist you. Our high-quality products and comprehensive services can enhance your testing capabilities, improve efficiency, and ensure the reliability of your electronic components.

How can I contact Estec for more information or support?

You can reach out to Estec by visiting our website and write to support@estecme.ae . We have dedicated customer support channels through which you can inquire about our products, services, or any other assistance you may require.

Does Estec provide technical support for its products?

Yes, Estec provides technical support for all our products. Our team is available to assist you with any technical inquiries, troubleshooting, or product-related questions you may have. We are committed to ensuring that our customers have a seamless experience with our products and services.

If you have any further questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@estecme.ae 

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